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The capital city of Hawaii could also be called "the wedding capital," as it offers more opportunities for romance than any other place on the islands.

Honolulu, Hawaii, located on the island of Oahu, is the capital of the most romantic destination in the United States.  Honolulu offers visitors the excitement and culture of a major metropolis as well as the beauty and tranquility of world-renowned beaches and resorts.  Hands down, it is the best destination for a romantic adventure.  Whether it's a night of dancing, a midnight cruise, a golf outing, or a tranquil day on the beach, Honolulu has it all and more.

More Than 100 World-Renowned Beaches

Honolulu features some of the most beautiful and diverse beaches on the islands.  White sand, black sand, and green sand beaches with olivine crystals can be enjoyed from the luxury of a resort or the ruggedness of out-of-the-way locales.  Honolulu takes pride in offering a taste of everything when it comes to beaches.

Waikiki Beach is known as one of the best beaches on earth.  This famous stretch of interconnected walking and sunning beaches spans two miles of the coastline of Oahu.  Families can be assured that lifeguards are present at all times.  There are also many community-oriented events held on the white sand beach, and a cornucopia of restaurants, hotels, and bars flanked by lush palm trees.

World-Class Resorts

Nearly 100 resorts catering to small and big budgets are available, and just a short walk in any direction leads to the beach.  It's not difficult to find a romantic vista view surrounded by the unique taste and style of the people of Hawaii.  As with their beaches, the people of Hawaii appreciate that, no matter what a traveler's budget may be, natural beauty is a priceless experience.  The area also features some acclaimed golf resorts and many top hotels with golf courses.

Gorgeous State Parks

One of Honolulu's most interesting, beautiful, and diverse offerings is the Diamond Head State Monument.  Located on the eastern coast, it is the most widely recognized landmark in Honolulu.  It has a remarkable saucer-like shape spanning 475 acres and was created in one massive volcanic eruption approximately 300,000 years ago.  The park offers diverse hiking trails, military history, and some of the best coastal views in the area.  In the winter, humpback whales have been known to make an appearance off the coast.

The cost is $5 per car or $1 per person for pedestrians.  Commercial vehicle fees are $10 for cars/vans, $20 for mini-buses. and $40 for buses.  Restrooms, vending machines, lunch wagons/food, trash cans, trails, lookouts, interpretive signs, brochures/species lists, drinking water, and picnic areas are available.  Note that the last entrance to hike the trail is at 4:30 p.m. The gates are locked at 6:00 p.m. daily and all visitors must be out of the park by this time.  The hiking trail to the summit is very steep and uneven in some areas.  The last 1/10th of a mile is all stairs and especially steep.  The site is accessible to those with disabilities near the visitor booth.  Allow 1.5 to 2 hours for your hike.  Wear good walking shoes, bring water, and wear a hat and sunscreen.

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