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There is a niche for just about everyone in Sin City, and they don't have anything to do with sin (unless that's what you're looking for).


Gambling is the hallmark of Vegas's attractions and for many, the experience of gambling in such a famed and world-renowned location makes up for the money lost.  Try the famous casinos on the strip, like the Monte Carlo, the Wynn (for its intelligent and beautiful waitresses), and Caesar's Palace (for sports junkies and wannabe bookies).  Locals favor Green Valley Ranch, which isn't on the Strip (I-215 going east).  And as any local will tell you, stay away from the slot machines.  Those are a guaranteed loss.  Yes, even the penny slots.

Vegas for Families

Over the last decade Las Vegas has made great strides in appealing to families and not just "the party crowd."  Some of the hotels are particularly family friendly.  The Mandalay Bay Resort has a wave pool that some say is the best in the world.  Kids play for hours as the waves lap up on the man-made shoreline and teens are seen body surfing in the higher waves.  For a more cultural experience, consider the fine art galleries at the Bellagio and Donna Beam.  Or, get more hands-on with the Lied Discovery Children's Museum, which offers tons of interactive exhibits about green living, the desert, Einstein, and even gives you a chance to experience wheelchair basketball.  The Howard W. Cannon Aviation Museum is located in the McCarran International Airport and is a must for any flight-lover.

Another interesting museum is the Bodies exhibit inside the Luxor Hotel.  This exhibit toured the world and is part science, part art, featuring real bodies and organs preserved in unique poses.  Muscles, tendons, and blood vessels are rarely seen like this outside a medical training lab.  Another gruesome experience can be found inside the MGM Grand Hotel at CSI: The Experience.  This interactive experience allows visitors to examine evidence and solve a crime while also viewing real life forensic science equipment.

Party Like a Mob of Rats

Much of Vegas's identity is wrapped up in the famous visitors of yesterday; the Rat Pack and the Mob.  Although the old casinos made famous during the Rat Pack era are since shuttered, you can recreate the experience at the House of Blues, B.B. King's Blues Club, or even Freemont Street's Brass Lounge.  These lounges have a jazzy, bluesy atmosphere that lead you to check the door in case Sammy or Old Blue Eyes walks in.  Another famous era of Las Vegas history involves organized crime.  The Mob Experience inside the Tropicana Hotel offers artifacts and displays surrounding the organized crime families that helped make Las Vegas into the world attraction we enjoy today.  Locals favor Bootlegger on South Strip.  There's live music seven days a week, and in fact, celebrities have been known to cameo and sing an impromptu tune or two.

Natural Entertainment

The Springs Preserve just three miles outside Las Vegas shows that the Mojave Desert is a definite attraction even without the glaring lights and sounds from the casinos.  Explore the botanical garden, exhibits about the desert and its inhabitants, and enjoy the Children's Play area.  Peruse the history of the State of Nevada at Nevada State Museum and learn about Las Vegas's varied and interesting history, from prehistoric monsters to showgirls.  Visit Red Rock Canyon, west of Las Vegas, for the drive through tour or hiking and then hit the links on one of Vegas's many golf courses.

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