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Sandy white beaches, beautiful people, beautiful food, beautiful ocean, beautiful landscaping – it's all there in Miami Beach, Florida.

Miami Beach has been known as one of the premier beach scenes in the world, and with good reason.  The beaches are among the whitest, the waters among the most saturated blues, and the people are the most stunning.  Fear not if we're not blessed with supermodel looks and style like Miami counterparts; Miami Beach is still a hot-spot for common folk like us.

South Beach (SoBe) is coveted as the most beautiful, luxurious, and most world-renowned attraction amongst the Miami Beach area.  With hundreds of nightclubs, hotels, restaurants, shops, and boutiques, South Beach has a bit of everything, and is sure to leave you feeling satisfied.  Ocean Drive is the spot where most of the most outrageous and fun places are.  You can walk along the boardwalk closer to the beach, or experience a whole different walk on the more social, carousing, entertainment side.  Either way, the view is out of this world.  Watch out for club and restaurant owners to pester you to come inside late at night!

For a nice, light lunch or dinner, stop over to a spot such as Grillfish to experience the lifestyle of a local joint featuring all the fresh seafood you can imagine.  The calamari appetizer and red snapper are superb.  The atmosphere screams "South Beach."  This joint is moderately priced; however, there are places, surprisingly, that fit every budget.  You don't have to drain your bank account to have a good time here (although, it is still honestly quite possible without even trying).  For a real treat visit the Delano Hotel for lunch or dinner.  You will walk past white flowing curtains to their selection of delicious restaurant choices.  Most restaurants near the beach will have at least some of the menu featured on a board outside of the restaurant with descriptions and prices of menu items.  This is very helpful for travelers.

Before or after your meal, you should check out Gianni Versace's mansion and snap a photo in front of the gates.  It's a huge, beautiful estate right on Ocean Drive.

If you plan on bringing children, do so during the day because the nightlife, especially near Ocean Drive, is extremely busy and hectic.  This is excellent for the partiers out there – not so much for a family of five.  The family or quiet atmosphere should be reserved for early beach hours before you miss the crowd.  The white sand you walk upon will leave your feet with a comforting heat as the wind sends the scent of the ocean through the palm trees and into your nostrils – it's simply euphoric.  There are some hotels that cater to families like the Loews Hotel.  The hotel is located right on the beach and has larger rooms and very helpful staff.

Downtown Miami is becoming a southern Chicago and New York.  Shopping centers, restaurants, and international businesses are moving to the area to give Miami a trendy, business feel – with palm trees and warm, breezy weather surrounding you, of course.

If you have the money for a ticket during basketball season, catch a Miami Heat game and celebrate a victory by driving down to Ocean Drive to perhaps catch some stars out and about.  If driving around the Miami Beach area isn't an option, hop on the Metromover to get from place to place.

If you want to shop, party, take the kids to the beaches, experience the downtown Miami atmosphere, and get a tan, definitely make a stop for Miami Beach, Florida.